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For media enquiries or to book Ruben to speak at a conference or event, please contact Claxton Speakers International.

To book Ruben for a school visit in Australia, please contact Young Australia Workshop.

Claxton Speakers International:

Telephone: +61 2 9909 0033

Fax: +61 2 9909 0633


Click here for Ruben’s bio and more info

Young Australia Workshop

1800 227 095 (Regional)

02 8021 5312 (Sydney Metro)

Click here for more info on The Surfing Scientist Show

Click here for more on Ruben’s Climate Change presentation

5 thoughts on “Contact Ruben

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  2. Our daughter is 8 and since you spoke at her school last year she is crazy about science. We have been unable to purchase any of your books for her for Christmas. Have you any ideas where they can be purchased??

    • Dear Ann, my sincere apologies for the delayed reply! My children’s science books have been out of print for a while now but there are a few online stores that still have some in stock. The good news is, most of the experiments in those books are all online at the URL below, and you can also watch all of The Experimentals episodes online, packed with ideas for girls and boys. Give my regards to your science-obsessed daughter… it’s music to my ears to hear she’s got the bug!

  3. You are pushing a myth of your own to my detriment. You say everyone can lose weight. I have lypoedema It means you can’t lose weight. Dieting doesn’t work and nor does lap band surgery
    Other features include pulmonary embolism after general anaesthetic. This happened to me. Look it up on the internet. When you say everyone can lose weight it makes people think I am not trying, people can be abusive. You need to be more informed. Try looking up another seperate condition call lymphodaema


    • Dear Sophi, I have sent an email to the gmail address you provided but I’m not sure if that got through okay. If not, I would love to send it to the correct address. Regards, Ruben

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