Radiolab (WNYC) The most entertaining science program in recorded history! 

The Science Show (ABC Radio National) Robyn Williams is a National Living Treasure and the best science journalist and interviewer walking around on planet Earth today

Dr Karl on Triple J I used to listen to him when I was at uni and I still do and I still love him as much as I ever did if not quite a bit more

Freakonomics If you loved the books you’ll love this too and if you haven’t read the books you should

The Health Report (ABC Radio National) Norman Swan is another one of the National Living Treasures radiating pure gold out of the ABC Radio National antennae

Life Matters (ABC Radio National) with Natasha Mitchell who I am proud to say I studied with at the Australian National University back in 1995 and we even visited schools together

60 Second Mind (Scientific American) brilliant sixty second snack sized facts about the mind and brain 

EdPod (ABC Radio National) Round up of all things educational that aired on all of Radio National’s programs in the past week or two

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