Reader Reviews:

★★★★★ Excellent book to read I enjoyed reading this and the study behind it. Great book to read and understand the truth about weight loss, etc. Cathy on May 22, 2018 (Kobo | Australia)

★★★★★ Highly Recommended I like this authors style of writing and the fact that he backs up everything he writes with data, stats, and science. Kevin D Owens on 6 April 2018 (Amazon | Australia)

★★★★★ Great Information It gave me a whole new way to look at weight loss. It was full of information that presented in a way that was easy to understand. LauraY on 2 April 2018 (Amazon | Australia)

★★★★★ Revelation Thank you Dr Meerman for providing a clear and concise explanation of weight loss that I suspected all along – I was merely placing my head in the sand like everyone else. A book every high school aged child should read! Suzill on 17/01/2017 (Apple Books | Australia)

★★★★★ Fantastic This book was so interesting I couldn’t put it down – I devoured it within a few days! I loved the author’s humour and no-nonsense approach to serving up the facts! Really really worth reading! Dses1509 on 08/12/2016 (Apple Books | Australia)

40 Cool Science Tricks

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The Surfing Scientist - 40 DIY Science Gizmos NEW COVER TINY


40 Super Human Body Tricks

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