TEDx Talks


The mathematics of weight loss TEDxQUT 2013



How breathing and metabolism are interconnected TEDxBundaberg 2019

Where does fat go? Catalyst, ABC TV 2014 

Where does fat go? Live Interview, ABC Radio 


Low-carb diets: a possible molecular explanation for feelings of euphoria animation produced for The Conversation

5 thoughts on “TEDx Talks

  1. Dear Mr. Meerman,
    You came upon a remarkable realization. Yes, connecting the dots. It is amazing that this function of the human body took so long to be “discovered” – amidst all the millions of people working in health care you were the one to analyze and explain. A very big thank you.

      1. Dear Mr. Meerman,
        How long do you think it will take to incorporate your analysis into textbooks on nutrition and related fields? (After all, the potential health benefits are enormous and delaying is counterproductive.)
        Thank you.

    1. Hi Gramma. The macronutrients in food are all made of carbon atoms, ie, carbohydrates, protein, fat and alcohol. All atoms are far too small but when you “burn” macronutrients inside your body, they are converted to carbon dioxide gas, which you exhale. If you eat more carbon atoms than you exhale, you will gain weight. If you eat less carbon atoms than you exhale, you lose weight. I hope that makes sense.

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