Heading to Hobart

I’m packing my bags full of beakers and heading to sunny Hobart tomorrow (Friday 17 May) to talk about the science of crowds and cocktail parties at SMOLT Function Room, Salamanca Square. It’s a sold out event but there’s always a spare seat or spot to stand so come along anyway. It’s organised by the terrific people at the University of Tasmania and there’s more info at the URL below.

And on Saturday 18 May, I’ll be speaking and blowing things up at CONASTA (Tasmania’s science teaching conference) and I can’t wait… kaboom!


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    1. Hi Steve, apologies for the very long delay replying to your question. Yes, you are spot on… there’s a typo on that slide. The correct weight of 104 hydrogen atoms is 104.82 Daltons. Fortunately, it was only a copy-and-paste error from my Excel spreadsheet to the slide (still massively embarrassing and picked up by some astute mathematicians in the audience on the day). The final result is still correct (i.e. 8.4kg out of every 10kg of fat becomes CO2). Cheers, Ruben

  1. Hi Ruben
    Now we are fully up and about blowing an extra atom out. Thank you Ruben, Please narate and update your book for the next gereration to own.
    Thank you

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