NSW Public Schools #STEM Symposium

Tweet by Mr MuzmonsterDear NSW Public School STEM teachers,

Thank you all again for the invitation to speak at the 2017 NSW Public Schools STEM Symposium! I hope you all made it home safely in the crazy weather.

Here are the links to the websites, apps, and demonstrations from my presentation. I hope they will serve as the seeds to many exciting, mind-blowing lessons for your students and fun classroom experiences for you.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you’d like any more information about anything we discusses, or anything we didn’t. Cherie Stone has my direct contact details and you are all welcome to email or call, whenever you like.

Good luck and best wishes!



ABC Science Online – Surfing Scientist website lesson plans, teacher demos, conundrums

School Visits how to book a science show for your school

Slot Car + Sparkler vs Hydrogen Balloon Prof Slo & Dr Mo on Roller Coaster

Ping Pong Ball Explosion on ABC3’s Studio 3

Ping Pong Ball Rubbish Bin Explosion University of Plymouth version

Make a Rainbow buy cheap diffraction grating film (Amazon, also available on eBay)


V-Sauce fascinating concepts beautifully explained by Michael Stevens

Minute Physics brilliant fast, short, sharp animations by Henry Reich

Veritasium demos, experiments, interviews by Derek Muller

Numberphile excellent short films all about mathematics by Brady Harran

Periodic Videos chemistry videos from the Uni of Nottingham by Brady Harran

Smarter Every Day all kinds of science by Tara Sandlin

The King of Random some very dangerous demos and experiments by Grant Thomson

The Slo Mo Guys amazing slow motion videos by Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy

iSTEM – science demos on your smartphone

Reflector wireless smartphone mirroring by AirSquirrels

Free web-based accelerometer app by Phonelabs.net

Doppler effect with a sock on the ABC Surfing Scientist website

↳ Sonic (for iPhone) the free sine wave generator app I use

FLIR One infrared thermal imaging camera

Smartphone compass VS electric current  repeat Oersted’s epoch-changing experiment with a coat hanger and a battery (this is how electromagnetism was first discovered)

“Seeing” infrared light shine any remote for any device at a digital camera and “see” the infrared diode (on smartphones, use the “FaceTime” camera, not the front camera which has a filter to block out infrared)

Newton’s Laws at 300fps an embroidery hoop trick, filmed at 300 frames per second

35cm embroidery hoop available for $6.00 at Spotlight (also Lincraft and others)


Laser Danger ABC TV Catalyst story about the dangers of laser pointers

Lasers and tattoos ABC TV Catalyst story about tattoos and laser tattoo removal

NSW Police Laser Law info about NSW laser pointer laws

Restrictions on importing lasers  Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Border Protection

QLD ‘POLAIR’ Helicopter Video 25yo Inala, Brisbane man shining laser at police helicopter

Laser Safety ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection & Nuclear Safety Agency)

Laser pointers not toys! 15yo Tasmanian boy who lost 75% of vision

Laser holograms femtosecond lasers could make Star Wars holograms come true

Pop a balloon inside a balloon “safe” sunlight + magnifying glass version


When somebody loses weight, where does the fat go? British Medical Journal paper

TEDxQUT – The Mathematics of Weight Loss my 2013 TEDx talk at the Queensland University of Technology

BUSINESS INSIDER – Scientists only just figured out where fat goes this is the article’s original headline, since changed

How much carbon do you exhale per day? Instagram video

8700.com.au NSW Government website I used to balance my diet

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