WA Education Innovation Showcase 2019 Keynote Address

Dear colleagues,

Thank you all for making me feel so welcome and appreciated today. It was an absolute pleasure to speak to you. As promised, below are the links to the research papers I cited in my keynote. And below those, the YouTube videos of my TEDx talk, the ABC 7.30 Report story about Ian Stuart at Ithaca Creek State School (Brisbane), a video of Year 1 and 2 kids learning how to write chemical formulas at Eagleby State School (Brisbane), a brilliant video about introducing atomic theory into the primary curriculum from Bangkok Patana School in Thailand plus a little highlights reel from my visit there.

Exciting times in education. . . see you tomorrow for even more science!

When somebody loses weight, where does the fat go? Meerman & Brown, British Medical Journal, 16 December 2014 [Open Access journal article]

When we lose weight, where does it go? Meerman & Brown, The Conversation, 14 March 2018

Nutrition Knowledge Translation Performance in Health Professionals: Findings from the 2017 Unified Forces Preventive Nutrition Conference (UFPN) Kaufman-Shriqui et. al. Nutrients, 13 February 2019 [Open Access journal article]

Mixed Student Ideas about Mechanisms of Human Weight Loss, Sripathi et. al. CBE—Life Sciences Education, 1 September 2019 [Open Access journal article]

Challenging the Science Curriculum Paradigm: Teaching Primary Children Atomic-Molecular Theory, Haeusler & Donovan, Research in Science Education, 29 November 2017 [Full text available here]

Searching for scientific Mozarts: get em’ while they’re young Haeusler, Donovan & Stuart, The Conversation, 18 June 2013 [Excellent article by three of my heroes about introducing kids to atoms and molecules]

This is the first time I ever presented my fat metabolism calculations was at my alma mater, QUT (the comments people leave are hilarious!)

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