Forest Lodge Public School Rocks

Dear Forest Lodge Public School

You guys rock… thank you for making me so very welcome yesterday! I had a blast showing you some of my all time favourite experiments.

As promised, here below are all the links to that stuff (e.g. feather and hammer drop on the moon, turtle videos, seabird photos) I told you about.

Parents: if you want to spend some true ‘quality time’ with your kids, I can’t recommend these experiments highly enough. They are safe, heaps of fun and they won’t cost you a cent to do at home. And from what I saw yesterday, your kids are super-stoked on science.

Teachers: you are all tops. Very few primary schools ‘do science’ (trust me) so the fact you do is awesome because human beings (kids, adults, grandparents) love it to pieces.

Stay tuned to ABC3 and Catalyst on ABC1 for more science and controlled mayhem. Kerpow!



NASA Feather and Hammer Drop:

Baby turtle eating jellyfish:

Baby turtle eating plastic:

Chris Jordan SeaBirds: 18×24

Dr Jennifer Lavers – plastic in seabirds expert:

You can watch all my Play School segments here:

Electric play dough circuits:

M&Ms in water experiment:

Helicopter balloons:

DIY Marble run (Tex is in this one) :

Red Cabbage Juice pH Indicator for acid/base testing:

2 thoughts on “Forest Lodge Public School Rocks

  1. Thanks Ruben! My class had a go at the tumblewing gliders and discovered that it’s quite tricky to get them flying at first, but persistence paid off. We’re looking forward to trying out some of these other great ideas soon!
    Hope to get you back to FLODGE again one day- kids were mightily inspired!

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